Wine-Infused Coffee Exists

Next time you’re attempting to decide whether to meet with a friend for coffee or a glass of wine, then you might want to consider a third choice: both at once in precisely the same cup.

Because someone has produced wine-infused coffee.

It’s currently available in lots of stores around the U.S. in addition to online. Molinari says he hopes, in time, to expand into Canada and overseas.

To make Molinari Private Reserve, coffee beans are soaked in a “unique house made red” wine — “absorbing the wine’s history and nose” — and then dried and small-batch roasted by hand. This procedure produces a “wealthy” and “full-bodied” flavor using a “blueberry note” that is actually, in the end, alcohol free, according to the Molinari Private Reserve website, in which a half-pound bag of beans could be purchased for $19.95.